No matter what the application, modular drop-in skid based design allows us to meet customer needs efficiently and effectively.

A water treatment skid system is an operational water treatment system of individual devices and technologies that when combined together can save time, money, and space. By building the system in a modular unit it can be transported easily and installed on site in one single area. The water treatment skid system consists of the skid, the main power junction box and switch, a pump strainer, the pump and motor, and a combination of the following treatment technologies:

  • Filtration to remove suspended solids- Self-Cleaning Filter, Bag Filter, or Solids Separator
  • Disinfection to remove organics, algae and bacteria- Ozone, UV Light, or Copper/Silver Ionizer
  • Electronic Descaler or Physical Water Treatment unit to remove and prevent limescale deposits on heat transfer surfaces

skid4skid2 will determine the correct system requirements with the customer based on current vs. desired water quality, become comfortable with the designated installation space for the skid unit, and then provide estimated cost and delivery times up front. The water treatment skid system is then connected to power, water and/or other utilities on the site. All tanks, pumps, valves, filters, treatment technologies, instrumentation and controls are factory assembled and tested prior to shipment. It is a custom system, plug and play so to speak, and it removes the time, energy and expense working with existing on-site equipment and infrastructure. There is very little production downtime or unforeseen start-up delays. will design a system to your specifications, test it, supervise installation and then do follow-up monitoring and testing to ensure correct output.