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Anyone who pumps water for any purpose - irrigation, industrial, or private and public water systems - knows their greatest enemy is sand, silt and grit. These elements reduce efficiency of equipment by plugging and clogging sprinklers, drip emitters, valves and spray nozzles. They also cost time and money in repairs, replacement parts, downtime, wasted energy, and a loss of productivity. Decreased efficiency is also a major problem as equipment gradually clogs up or wears out, lowering productivity until replacement occurs. A centrifugal solids separator is the answer.


The Centrifugal Solids Separator -- designed for easy installation- removes 98 percent of 200 mesh or larger sand, grit, and other solids heavier than water before entering expensive equipment. Liquid/solids enter the unit and set up a circular flow with centrifugal action tossing heavier abrasives downward in a spiral motion to the separation chamber. There, the particles drop into the centrifugal solids separator's collection chamber and are purged from the system. The purified water is drawn to the separator's vortex and up through the outlet. It can now be dispersed to equipment without causing clogging, plugging or wear.

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Vertical In-Line / AG & Industrial Separators---Installation & Operation

1" Automatic Purge Valve

2" Automatic Purge Valve

ProgressiveEnviro's solids separator removes sand, silt, and grit down to 75 microns through centrifugal force and friction. Fluid enters the separator at a tangent and creates a vortex. This increase in centrifugal velocity separates the more dense solids from the liquid. Separated solids are collected while cleaned water is drawn from the center of the vortex back into the fluid system stream. These units also known by these descriptions: Cyclone solids separator, Lakos solids separator, Sand separator, Solids removal separator, Sediment removal separator.

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