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Extra High Capacity Multi Bag Filters & Multi Basket Strainers

ProgressiveEnviro.com offers a large product line that enables a wide range of flow capacities and containment holding capabilities.

Standard Features & Benefits

  •     Full flow filtration at a reasonable cost
  •     Stainless steel heavy-duty baskets
  •     Low pressure drop
  •     Permanently-piped housings are opened without tools and without disturbing the piping
  •     Machined cover gasket groove provides positive sealing
  •     Adjustable-height tripod legs
  •     Easy cleanability
  •     Conserves water
  •     Reduces plant down time

OPTIONAL FEATURE: Complete standby filtration system with automatic actuator controls.

Dual Purpose Units
Any of the ProgressiveEnviro.com models shown can serve either as a strainer, a bag filter, or (in models that can be used with the inner basket/inner bag option) as hybrid combinations of strainers and filters. The function can be changed at any time, without modification to the housing. Housings are available in carbon steel and stainless steel (304 or 316). Read More Here--pdf link



Filtration Specifications

Click on the following links to take you to the information.

    PF 10 - 50 gpm
    PF 12 - 100 gpm
    PF 14 - 200 gpm
    PF 16-32 - 400-2000 gpm

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