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Reliable Chemical Free Water Treatment

Cooling systems use a significant amount of water, requiring reliable treatment. Progressive non-chemical cooling tower water treatment supports stable system operation, prevents mineral scale, keeps bacteria, biofilm and pathogens under control, and permits cooling system operational practices to inhibit corrosion.

ProgressiveEnviro.com is fast becoming the clear choice of industrial owners and operators for sustainable water treatment in their facilities. Our low maintenance, environmentally friendly, non-chemical water treatment service utilizes the principles of physics, rather than chemistry, to reduce energy and water consumption in water cooled heat transfer systems.

Progressive is an environmentally responsible, safe, alternative for treating cooling tower water and is environmentally friendly downstream with no harmful by-products. Progressive has provided environmentally responsible water solutions for over 40 years with the sole intent of giving building owners and facility managers an alternative for providing operational savings and longer equipment life while also contributing to a more sustainable future.

  •     Superior control of scale, corrosion and biological activity
  •     Eliminates the use, storage and handling of harmful chemicals
  •     Improves water and energy efficiency of water cooled systems
  •     Reduces operating costs

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How the Progressive Non-Chemical Cooling Tower Water Treatment Technology Works

The Progressive system leverages pulse-power technology to impart a broad spectrum of electro-magnetic fields into the flowing cooling tower water. This removes the static charge from naturally-occurring particles and results in:

Scale Prevention: With the static charge removed the particles then become the preferred surface for minerals to precipitate around rather than forming scale on the surfaces of the cooling tower and HVAC equipment
Corrosion Control: The system operates in a saturated environment which is naturally non-corrosive.  Additionally, there is no risk of chemical corrosion.
Biological Control: Superior biological control is achieved through disinfection technology consisting of ozone, ultraviolet light or copper-silver ionization.
Sediment Control: Various filtration technologies are used to remove airborne contaminents such as dust, dirt, leaves, seeds, insects and biofouling.

Progressive immediately reduces the environmental footprint of a facility by eliminating toxic water treatment chemicals, and utilizing the Progressive non-chemical treatment unit to treat cooling tower water. Given corporate mandates to incorporate sustainable, green technologies into the facility operation, Progressive presents a compelling opportunity to generate operational savings while treating water in an environmentally friendly manner. Use of a chemical free system also earns points in the LEED point system.


Microbiological Control Inhibits Bacterial Growth in All Evaporative Heat Transfer Equipment

The second biggest concern with your system after scale control is controlling the bacterial growth. Cooling towers are great breeding grounds for bacteria. Inside the tower is a warm, moist, sunlit environment in which bacteria of all sorts thrive. The inside of chillers also provides a great environment for other types of bacteria to grow.

These bacteria can produce a material that can act as an insulating slime barrier to reduce the efficiency of the chillers in much the same way that calcium carbonate (scale) creates a thick solid barrier. In addition, certain types of bacteria that thrive in the absence of oxygen, called anaerobic bacteria, can grow and produce acids as part of their metabolism that can attack the steel components of the chillers.

The Progressive Cooling Tower Water Treatment System provides three options of disinfection to control algae, bacteria and Legionella. We offer ozone systems, ultraviolet light systems and Copper-Silver system which regulates the time and release of copper-silver ions in the water. The Cu-Ag system has received recognition from the engineering community as well as the US EPA for biological treatment of domestic water supplies. This process is effective on Legionella, Pseudomonas, M. Avium, E. Coli, Salmonella and a host of other microbes as well.

Blowdown Water Costs

Saving Water Saves You Money

Using the Progressive Non-Chemical Cooling Tower Water Treatment System will drastically reduce your water use, energy consumption and allow for gray water onsite reuse of blowdown...all while protecting your equipment from scale, bacteria and corrosion...so you are protecting more than just the environment.  You are also protecting your bottom line!
By preventing the buildup of scale and not allowing for bacterial growth and preventing corrosion to equipment, there are automatic, immediate returns on energy consumption and water usage.  The  Systems componentry inherently increases operational efficiency as well.  When one considers the enormous cost of equipment, having a partner who can extend the life of the equipment is an invaluable resource.  

Here is what our customers typically experience with a ProgressiveEnviro.com installation:

  •     Increases in operational efficiency
  •     Reduction in water usage and energy costs
  •     Extending the life of equipment
  •     Eliminates costs associated with chemical storage, dangerous handling, and disposal
  •     Typical payback period of 18 months or less
  •     Typical water cost savings of up to 25%
  •     Typical energy savings of up to 18%
  •     Savings on sewer discharge fees
  •     Eliminate environmental fees and licenses

Chemical-free discharge water can be reused for other purposes and cycles of concentration increased, saving water and reducing cost. Progressive provides a distinct environmental advantage, while mitigating the risk of accidental chemical spills, chronic chemical exposure and bioaccumulation of persistent chemicals in the food chain.

If your facility purchases water and sewer services from a municipal or public utility, reducing blowdown and make-up water requirements will trigger a series of resource and cost savings from those utilities. If you operate your own water/wastewater treatment facilities, reducing blowdown and make-up water requirements will allow your facility to realize volume benefits. Many municipal sewer agencies will charge extra sewage fees for accepting the water because the blowdown water contains hazardous chemicals and other organic material that must be treated. Discharge of the blowdown water to the environment on site is coming under increasing EPA regulation due to the contaminants typically found in blowdown water.

The Energy Efficient and Highly Reliable Solution

The Progressive Non-Chemical Cooling Tower Water Treatment System is the best choice for reliable, sustainable water treatment. Through its superior design and engineering principles, use of the chemical-free water treatment system results in significant water and energy savings. In addition, this solution is a significantly lower cost than the operating expense of standard chemical treatment options.

Because the ProgressiveEnviro.com eliminates scale and biofilm, you're ensured optimal heat transfer efficiency and, therefore, maximum energy savings. Progressive’s advanced technology and operation provides superior performance, increased reliability and reduced operating costs.

The major concerns for all users of water with the purpose of thermal transfer are:

  •     Cost Effectiveness of Water Treatment
  •     Energy Savings
  •     Water Savings
  •     Environmentally Safe

The Progressive Non-Chemical Cooling Tower Water Treatment System meets all four criteria for effective water treatment through control of scale/corrosion/biological growth for thermal transfer efficiency.

The Progressive Chemical-Free System Advantages and Cost Effective Solutions:

    Eliminates all chemical costs (transportation, storage, installation, monitoring and disposal).
    Significant savings of water and the opportunity to reuse your discharge water. Lower operation and energy costs as a result
    of more efficient heat  transfer with the elimination of scale and biofilm throughout the system.
    Dramatically reduces maintenance and down-time on heat exchange equipment and extends the useful life
    on all system components through continuous cleaning.
    Greatly reduces sewer charges for discharged water as it is no longer toxic.
    Dramatically reduces the volume of water used by reducing the "blowdown loss".

Progressive offers chemical free solutions to scaling as well as corrosion and bacterial control in heat transfer equipment.

The Progressive non-chemical system has been proven to prevent and reverse the formation of scale, in an environmentally sustainable manner, without the use of chemicals.

Additionally, Progressive Cooling Tower Systems equipment has proven to halt corrosion and control biological growth in all types of heat transfer equipment.

The Progressive chemical free cooling tower water treatment is ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE and CHEMICAL FREE! With your system operating free of chemicals, your facility will use considerably less water and less electrical power. Since the Progressive System will also clean out the existing scale from your system, the heat transfer process of your system will improve. Subsequently there will be less loading of the chillers and there will be less wear and fewer breakdowns. More efficient operating conditions will result in extending the life of the chillers, and the cleansing of the piping and other surface areas result in less deterioration, extending the useful life of the entire water cooling system.

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"The major concerns for all users of water with the purpose of thermal transfer are:

  •     Cost Effectiveness of Water Treatment
  •     Energy Savings
  •     Water Savings
  •     Environmentally Safe

The Progressive Non-Chemical Cooling Tower Water Treatment System meets all four criteria for effective water treatment through control of scale/corrosion/biological growth for thermal transfer efficiency."

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