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Before and After

A typical example of common water system problems seen on this potable hot water electric heat exchanger.  Then after 6 months of treating with the ProgressiveEnviro.com's electonic, chemical free, eco-friendly water descaling treatment system. You can see the scale has been removed and the system can now work more efficiently and less downtime will occur in the future.

corrosion1     corrosion2


  •     Existing scale and fouling removed
  •     Additional scaling inhibited
  •     Fast investment payback
  •     Low operating costs
  •     Algae and bacteria growth eliminated
  •     Low maintenance
  •     Chemical treatment eliminated
  •     Chemical disposal eliminated
  •     Improved process equipment efficiency
  •     Compliance with EPA discharge standards


  • Cooling towers
  • Heat exchangers
  • Aftercoolers
  • Boilers, water & LP steam
  • Once through systems
  • Air conditioners
  • Chillers
  • Furnaces
  • Portable water systems
  • Evaporative condensers

environmentally friendly chemical free water treatment system will prevent the formation of scale
and remove existing scale for system components.

Most process water contains impurities. Mineral deposits from impurities build up on the interior surfaces of process water piping and on heat transfer surfaces. This is called scale. It reduces total water flow, decreasing machine efficiency and causing increased maintenance cost and downtime. Additionally, other solids and bacteria from many sources attach to the scale and contribute to the fouling of process equipment.

Hard water substantially increases energy consumption, necessitates equipment downtime for cleaning and results in the early renewal of capital equipment. Executives involved in running a business, local government department or institution are under increasing pressure to cut costs and become more efficient. However this must be carried out with due regard to increasing environmental legislation.

Treating process water to reduce mineral impurities may be accomplished either by ion exchange (soft water), changing calcium hardness to sodium, or by adding ions to Calcium and Magnesium particles (electronic descaler) thereby prohibiting mineral limescale buildup and promoting the removal of existing scale.


Actual scale removal after 90 days
of ProgressiveEnviro.com water treatment
(Samples courtesy of Corning Glass Works)

UPPER Left: Before Treatment
UPPER Right: 30 days after Treatment
LOWER Left: 60 days after Treatment
LOWER Right: 90 days after Treatment

ProgressiveEnviro.com's safe, green, chemical free water treatment system enables companies to save money and costly downtime due to scale buildup.

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