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Non chemical water treatment is environmentally friendly technology that will Prevent the formation of scale and Remove existing scale.

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Non chemical water treatment units are an effective means of treating hard water problems in both commercial buildings and a wide range of industries. From its many years experience in treating hard water problems, Progressive has refined its electronic descalers to provide you with the highest power and lowest cost in the industry. These systems provide companies with a clean, effective and environmentally friendly means of removing and preventing lime scale build-up.

How It Works
The ionic field built up in a physical water treatment system focuses immediately and specifically on calcium and magnesium crystals which compose the greatest portion of the impurities in most process water. These crystals are altered in shape by the ionic charge applied increasing their solubility and remain suspended in the water flow instead of forming layers of scale deposits on heat transfer surfaces. At blowdown, discharge, or filtration, the dissolved and suspended solids are removed from solution. Progressive's patented design eliminates any electrical stray current making it safe, reliable, and effective.

Easily fitted and requiring no plumbing or maintenance, Progressive electronic descaler or non chemical water treatment unit benefits include:

  •     Completely non-invasive, no cutting of pipes.
  •     Chemicals eliminated.
  •     Maintenance free operation.
  •     Low operation costs.
  •     Short term payback.
  •     Environmentally friendly and hazard free.
  •     Production levels will rise.
  •     Reduces mechanical failure of process equipment.

These systems have enabled our customers to reduce discharge and water cost, recycle water, obtain discharge permits, purify water without the use of chemicals, increase production time, decrease maintenance time and adhere to EPA regulations. Should you want a recommendation for your current system, please request a quote.


Small Commercial and Light Industrial

PC4     up to 4"          
PC8     up to 8"          

Large Commercial and Heavy Industrial

PM4     up to 4"          
PM8     up to 8"         

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Progressive Environmental offers a descaling prevention product that electronically prevents scale from building up in pipes and components within water treatment filtration systems. Also known by these terms: Scale Blaster, Scalewatcher, Dolphin, Easy Water, Scale buildup prevention, Mineral scale removal, Limescale prevention, Water deposit prevention, Scaled pipes prevention, Scaling in-pipe corrosion.